Avoiding Tree Related Accidents

The number of tree related accidents has tripled over the last three years due to probably changes in the weather conditions due to global warming. However, that is not an excuse for not putting in place measures of protecting yourself and the family from this type of problems.

Here are some golden tips for avoiding tree related accidents.

Get it Well Shaped

At an early stage, it is very important that you make sure that the tree grows in good shape in order to preventing overgrowth or some of the branches growing in the wrong direction. If you do not spend time and money shaping the tree, soon you will end up with branches all over your roof or patio. The branches could break at any time and harm your family members.


Plant the Right Species

I will not get in discussing the species of trees that are notorious for causing accidents, but I will say that most of them develop weak branches as they grow older. It is recommended to choose the right species when planning to plant the trees. The experts in this field can help you to make the right choice if you do not have prior experience or knowledge.

Finally, you need to look for a reputable tree service company that you can count on to take care of your trees as they grow right from the time that they germinate until they get old.

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Benefits of Using Organic Mulch

Having trees in your landscape will add immense value to your landscape and property if you intend to sell it at a later date. One of the best ways of promoting the growth of the trees is by using organic mulch. Here are some of the primary benefits of using organic mulch on your trees.

Release Nutrients Slowly into the Soils

This is one of the main and major reasons why you should consider using organic mulch extensively in your garden. The mulch slowly releases nutrient into the soil and this in turn make it almost impossible for runoff water to carry the nutrients to the rivers or leach the nutrients to deeper layers of the soil.


Environmentally Friendly

Our activities as human beings have greatly influenced the environment negatively. If nothing is done to resolve this problem, we could end up with a major catastrophe in the near future. You can contribute positively to the environment and stop such incidents by using organic mulch. Unlike its synthetic counterpart, it contains no harmful chemicals.

Finally, the use of organic mulch is easy to apply because you just need to apply it without following any plan or schedule. However, it is recommendable to make sure that you spread the mulch a little evenly if you want to get even results. That is all for today.  I will definitely have more content for you tomorrow.

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Why Areas With Trees are Lovely

The world was shocked by the effects that climate change and global warming has on the natural cycles such as water and carbon cycle. There are some parts of the world especially the developing countries that are not fully established in terms of coming up with economic strategies that are suffering due to the two scenarios. This is because agriculture is usually the backbone of the economy and so lack of predictable weather conditions results in loses and lack of enough food to sustain the population.

Today, I will give you information on why areas that have trees are lovely or are considered lovely.

Fresh air to breath

Inhalation of air that is contaminated with toxins and disease causing pathogens results in complex respiratory diseases. It is possible to avoid them by ensuring that the air that you breath is clean. Places that have many trees such as parks are well known for providing unlimited fresh air that will redefine your life. However, they can be cold at some times of the year such as winter, so make sure that you do not spend a lot of time around them.


Clean Natural Looking Places

This is another major reason why people love spending time in the parks. The natural appearance helps to relax the brain and it is also fun to see your children playing around the trees. The surrounding will also help you to connect with the nature better.

Thank you, I will write more content about this week in the next coming days.

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