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Neighborhood Open Space Coalition invites you to use the internet to bring people together and to improve quality of life for all New Yorkers. Our electronic newsletters, listserv forums, and information services bring thought provoking information tailored to your interest to your e-mail box.

Our interest is in the improvement of NYC's open space system. However we welcome information from other places that may give us guidance in our work.

Meet the people that are directly working for a greener, healthier city in the following ways:

1. Subscribe to Urban Outdoors.   Our monthly electronic newsletter covers all New York's great outdoors with short crisply written stories about issues and people working for a greener city.   Each issue includes a calendar of events to introduce you to the places we are working to preserve or change. Stay informed about the state of your parks and public space. To subscribe visit the sign-up page

2. Talk about parks and public space on CyberparkNew Yorkers who care about public open space can compare notes, exchange information, ask questions, invite people to local events, or just kvetch" about conditions in "their park". To join click here:

3. Take a swim in Cyberharbor.
Our waterfront represents our largest underutilized public space. Often managed in a way that denies New Yorkers their rightful access, our harbor can play a major role in changing the perception of New York City from a place that offers an inadequate quality of life to a world leader in that arena. From the Arthur Kill to Long Island Sound, Cyberharbor is the place for exchange of information about our changing waterfront and waterways. To join click here:

4. Help Save the Community Gardens, or just learn how to prune a rose. Meet the people who bring the beautiful oases together for the pleasure of all NY. Learn about their fight for preservation against an uncaring Mayor. Or just ask our garden experts what those spots are on the bottom of your tomatoes. Its all in one place on Cybergardens, our forum for NYC community gardening. To join click here:

5. List Your Organizations Events. The "Go-Do" listserv. Let interested New Yorkers know about your events. To join just click here:

6. Get to know Jamaica Bay. The listserv with a scientific bent, Jamaica Bay covers water quality issues and land use around NYC's most naturalistic waterway. In Sheepshead Bay, Pitkin Avenue, Gateway National Recreation Area, Brookville Park, and all around the Bay this is the place to find community. To join just click here:

7. There's a river going through it: The Bronx River. The growth in stewardship of the Bronx River is one of the success stories of NY. Once an open sewer, it is slowly cleaning up and people are working to bring canoeing, greenways, and new parkland to its formerly industrial edge. Meet the players on the BronxRiver listserv. To join click here:

8. Red Hook, Green Hook is a Greater Red Hook information service for Brooklyn's quality of life frontier. Learn about the proposed Greenway, Red Hook Navy, historic barge and warehouses, Gowanus Canal cleanup and local service days and events that you can join. To join click here:

9. Greenways. "Greenways" is not a listserv for conversation, but an information resource. News of the growing NYC greenways system will be posted on an as available basis. Unlike Cyberpark and other automated listservs that we host, NOSC will act as intermediary on this list. To join click here:

Once you have joined one or more of our listservs: We ask that messages posted relate to New York city and the listserv's subject. We encourage information about activities that local groups are attempting that may be duplicated elsewhere. We welcome postings about local cultural or activist events relating to the improvement of public open spaces.  

We ask that messages posted relate to NYC public open places. We define public open places as parks, plazas, community gardens, community stewarded ballfields, the waterways and entire water-front, and greenways, boardwalks and sidewalks.

Need a free e-mail address? Visit a public library and ask them to help you get your own free e-mail address.

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