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Friends of Gateway National Recreation Area

Neighborhood Open Space Coalition (NOSC) established 1980 is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all New Yorkers by expanding and enhancing our city's parks and open spaces through communications, research, planning and advocacy. We also work for the development of greenways and the our urban waterfront.   Friends of Gateway (FoG) is dedicated to protecting, improving and enhancing public awareness of, and access to the New York metropolitan area's unique National Recreation Area. We work to ensure the preservation of Gateway's significant natural and historic areas, while encouraging the addition of appropriate recreational, educational and cultural programs and facilities to serve an urban population that is woefully under-served in terms of open space opportunities.

We offer the following membership plans:

Type of Membership
Includes copy of our Annual Report and Periodicals? Includes Discounts to our events? Donor mentioned in Annual Report?
Community Gardeners $25 included included Yes No
Individual Membership $35
included Yes No
Supporting Member $50 included included Yes No
Sustaining Member $100 included included Yes Yes
Benefactor $250 included included Yes Yes
Patron $500 included included Yes Yes
Corporate Sponsor $1,000 included included Yes Yes

As a benefit of joining NOSC/FoG you will be entitled to receive a copy of all our print publications and a subscription to "Urban Outdoors Bulletin", a periodic newsletter delivered via fax and/or e-mail, covering open space, parks, gardens, waterfront, and urban development in the New York City Metropolitan Region.

You can either cut and paste this form into any word processor or simple editor and fill in the required information and print it out, or you can print a blank form and fill it in by hand. Your choice!!! Send your completed form to with a check to:

Neighborhood Open Space Coalition / Friends of Gateway
232 East 11th Street
New York, N.Y. 10003
Phone: 212-228-3126
Fax: 212-471-9987

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        NOSC/FoG Membership Form                               
        Please check ONE of the following categories:
        Membership Type
[ ]      community gardening organization: $25 [ ]   Individual Membership: $35     [ ]      Supporting Membership: $50     [ ]      Sustaining Member: $100     [ ]      Benefactor: $250     [ ]      Patron: $500     [ ]      Corporate Sponsor: $1,000 Check any or all of these if they apply to you: [ ] I am interested in volunteering to work with NOSC/FoG ________________________________________________________________ [ ] Enclosed is my Membership Contribution Name    ________________________________________________________________ Address ________________________________________________________________         ________________________________________________________________ City    _________________________________
        State/Prov ________ Zip ______

        Phone  (______) _________________________

        Fax    (______) _________________________

        E-Mail  ___________________________________________
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