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The Hub

The Hub will be the center for NYC urban environmentalism. It will include information about national organizations and agencies that are working in areas of interest to NYC residents and citywide and local organizations. In its first incarnation it is just an alphabetical list of other places you can go to find out about Cityís environment and improving quality of life for its citizens. Soon we will include a small capsule description of what is on each site in this list.

We invite visitors to The Hub to nominate other sites that you think would be of interest to our urban explorers. Write to and include the Name of the Organization and the www address.

Open Space Groups Working in NYC

Alley Pond Environmental Center
The American Littoral Society
The Appalachian Mountain Club- NY-Northern NJ Chapter

Central Park Conservancy
Citizens for NYC, Inc.
City Parks Foundation
Clinton Community Garden

Community Board 6 (waterfront issues)
Community Environmental Center
Council on the Environment

Dancing in The Streets
Downtown Boathouse

East Coast Greenway Alliance
Environmental Action Coalition
Environmental Advocates
Environmental Justice Alliance (NYC)

Floating the Apple
Floyd Bennett Community Gardens
Floyd Bennett Field Task Force
Friends of Gateway
Friends of The High Line
Friends of Hudson River Park

Gateway National Recreation Area
Gowanus Community Development Corporation
Gotham Gazette

Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club
Green Maps
Green Guerillas

H - I - J
H.A.R.P. Historic Aircraft Restoration Projects (Floyd Bennett)
The Highbridge
Historic District Council
Just Food

Kids Gardening


La Guardis Corner Gardens
League of American Bicyclists (advocacy)
League of Conservation Voters
Liz Christy Garden
L.I.C. Community Boathouse

Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance
More Gardens Coalition
Municipal Art Society


National Parks Conservation Association
Nature Calendar
NY Botanical Garden
NY/NJ Harbor Estuary Program
NYPIRG...."Who Represents Me?"
NY Restoration Project

O - P
OASIS (maps of nyc open space)

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We invite Treebranch Network visitors to nominate other sites of interest to our urban explorers. We will verify them, then they will be listed on our "Hub" (links page).

Write to include the name of the organization and www address.