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Neighborhood Open Space Coalition/
Friends of Gateway

Board of Directors

Roberta Weisbrod, Chairperson 
Partnership for Sustainable Ports

Peter G. Eikenberry, Vice Chair

Richard L. Huffman, Vice Chair

Jane Weissman, Secretary
Urban Arts & Ecology 

Eugenia M. Flatow, Treasurer
Coalition for the Bight

John Ameroso
Cornell Cooperative Extension

Donald Burns
Community Planner

Marty Gallent


Sheila Heimbinder

G. Malcolm Holderness

Samuel Holmes
Gateway NRA, Retired

Garnold M. King II
Consulting Engineer

Jorge Santiago
Bronx Council for Environmental Quality

Irene Van Slyke
New York Bicycle Coalition

Adrian Benepe (ex officio)
NYC Parks & Recreation

Dave Lutz
Executive Director

Urban Outdoors
March 2008
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Urban Outdoors

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