The Pedestrian / Bicycle Path for the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge

The Verrazano Lifeway Coalition is a grassroots group working
to retrofit the Verrazano Narrows Bridge with a trail for pedestrians and cyclists.

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The Verrazano Lifeway will provide a healthful, non-polluting alternative to our congested highways and streets. It will serve walkers, cyclists, skaters, hikers, runners and wheelchair users with a trail of their own over one of the world's longest suspension bridges. Federal funds are available to build the trail. Prefab sections would be hung between the cables, and cantilevered at the approaches. The paths do not take away any space from cars or reduce auto capacity. The bridge's original design included two paths which were never built. A Department of City Planning study shows how this omission can be corrected.

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The Coalition:

East Coast Greenway Alliance
Natural Resources Protective Association
Neighborhood Open Space Coalition
New York State Bicycle Coalition Sierra Club NYC Chapter
Staten Island Bicycle Association
Staten Island North Shore Greenbelt
Take a Walk, New York!
Third Avenue Merchants Association
Transportation Alternatives

Other Important Links:

1976 Harvard VNB Study:
A Bicycle Path For the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge: A Demand & Feasibility Study

Transportation Alternatives:
Background and study information including the full text of the 1997 Dept. of City Planning VNB Pedestrian/Bicycle Study

MTA Bridges & Tunnels website

ADA Accessibility Guidelines

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10 Reasons to Add a Lifeway
to the Verrazano Bridge

1. to allow New Yorkers and tourists to enjoy one of Verrazan  Narrows BridgeAmerica's great urban vistas. New York Harbor is our Grand Canyon.

2. to assist people who need to get from here to there in civic emergencies. The East River bridges evacuated over a million New Yorkers during emergencies, yet there is no way to walk home to Staten Island from Brooklyn.

3. to encourage the use of pollution-free bicycle transportation and reduce congestion on bridges, roads and highways by moving short trips to bicycle transport.

4. to promote alternatives to America's sedentary lifestyle. People walk more when they have pleasant places to walk.

5. to carry an East Coast Greenway route through NYC. East Coast Greenway is a planned Maine to Florida landscaped trail. (

6. to connect all of Gateway National Recreation Area with a bi-state greenway.

7. to bring Staten Islanders to Brooklyn to enjoy the borough's great cultural and shopping opportunities.

8. to bring Brooklynites to Staten Island to enjoy the island's unique historical sites and beautiful open spaces.

9. to save scarce government tax-funds by building low-maintenance infrastructure and by keeping people healthier due to increased physical activity.

10. to provide a new greenway in NYC's greenway system that will cost less per user than most new trails in America.


IT'S ABOUT OUR HEALTH A city with greenway trails is a healthier city. Research shows that a quality trail system encourages walking, cycling, and other forms of physical activity. Our greenways provide the shared experiences that build community. Trees and greenery along many of the trails clean the air, calm frazzled nerves, and even help reduce crime. The Verrazano Lifeway will connect greenways along the Brooklyn and Staten Island waterfronts.
Neighborhood Open Space Coalition
232 East 11th Street, NYC 10003
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