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Join Friends of Gateway and "grow green" by giving a tax-deductible gift.

You can plant a tree in celebration of so many things. As the "gift-giving" season rolls around, the question is: "What can I give to set my gift apart, show how much I care?"

Plant a tree in honor of someone you care about in Brooklyn, Queens or Staten Island at the same time help Friends of Gateway support your park!

Our plant-a-tree membership program ($50.00) provides a great opportunity to help green our city while educating people about the importance of protecting our environment. Plant-a-tree members are entitled to all the benefits of regular Friends of Gateway membership plus:

· We will plant a tree in honor of anyone that the member designates

· A certificate will be produced for the honoree noting the borough that the tree is planted

· A copy of the certificate will be placed in a binder at the Gateway greenhouse office

· The name of the honoree will be displayed on our web site.

We will plant your tree or shrub somewhere in Gateway National Recreation Area or in the Borough of your choice. (you can join us on one of our spring or fall planting days and do it for yourself.)

All funds go to support the Gateway Greenhouse Education Center at Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, NY.

Why Plant a tree at Gateway National Recreation Area?

Gateway National Recreation Area is NY/NJ's National Park, with units in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island or Sandy Hook, New Jersey. It is primarily made up of "retired" United States military facilities that need to be renaturalized and recycled for new uses. Native trees and shrubs are an important Gateway priority.
Friends of Gateway's Gateway Greenhouse Education Center has been set up to meet that need and the greening needs of the New York City community gardens and neighborhood organizations.

How to Give a Tree:

You can send a check or money order for $50.00 per tree to: Friends of Gateway 232 East 11th Street New York NY 10003 or, to donate online just click here. On the Billing Information page, enter Plant a Tree in the "Designation" box.

A record will be posted at the website which will include the name of the honorees and the location of the tree or shrub planted in their name. A certificate, suitable for framing, will be mailed to every contributor.

Contributors and gift recipients will be notified of Friends of Gateway tree planting events and greenhouse public service days so that they can have a hand in the important work of greening NYC.

Contributors will not be able to locate "their" tree but will be able to visit the park or place where the tree has been planted to watch growth and progress of plants at that location.

Contributions will be used to benefit the Gateway Greenhouse Education Center.program, which teaches basic plant biology to thousands of New York City school children.


Trees cool the planet by capturing greenhouse gases as food. A greener city is a healthier city. Quality public spaces encourage walking, cycling, and other forms of physical activity. Our greenswards provide the shared experiences that build community. Trees and greenery clean the air, calm frazzled nerves, and even help reduce crime. Your contribution to the Gateway Greenhouse Education Center helps to build a greener New York City.


The Gateway Greenhouse Education Center prepares trees for life in the Big City while it teaches young people (and adults) about plant husbandry. We now host 5 thousand student-visits have taken place in the Center's first 2 years. Each spring and fall, some of the trees that we have cared for will be ready to plant in the ground. Friends of Gateway, the sponsor of this project, is offering opportunities to have a tree (or shrub) planted in honor of someone you love in or around New York City's National Park: Gateway National Recreation Area
For more information about Friends of Gateway's Gateway Greenhouse Education Center visit: of Gateway

Friends of Gateway works to ensure the preservation of Gateway's significant natural and historic areas, while encouraging the addition of appropriate recreational, educational and cultural programs.

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